Gender, identity, sexuality, femininity, sex-selective self-induced abortion and destruction have been persistent themes throughout my life. Contemplating this idea, I execute my work through found objects, soft construction, installations, semantic waxwork and video work.  I exploit found objects, textile, semantic waxwork and video work in ways that to force questions about artistic creativity and the definition of art and its purpose in society. What particularly captivated me towards working in an area of gender, identity, roles, discrimination is when the person not qualified to the same right based on sex or gender. It can affect anyone, but primarily affects women and girls.
By disputing disparity between male and female and the present state, I reference the gender equality and the feminist movement as a form of resistance against gender discrimination in the society. Demonstrating through art practice how to deconstruct conservative attitude and reconstruct it into a gender equity. The artwork itself delivered a direct dialogue, generate questions about social dilemmas, the interpretative role of the artist and the purpose of art in a social context.